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BYU Electronic Resources

These resources contain a wealth of information and documents about women in the LDS Church and Mormon culture — all available electronically online at BYU.

Resource Guides

These web pages offer guides to research on LDS women.

Databases, Indexes

These databases guide users to specific materials about LDS women:

Encyclopedia of Mormonism
Searchable database for any topic in Mormon encyclopedia
Exponent II  (1974-present)
Searchabe database for issues of magazine and topics
Guide To Women’s Manuscript Collections
Searchable database of women’s collections housed in Lee Library
Latter-day Saint Studies Website
Searchable database for topics in LDS studies.
Mormon Women’s Bibliography
Searchable database of published writings about LDS women
Mormon Literature & Creative Arts
Searchable database of LDS-themed literary & artistic works
Relief Society Magazine index   (1914-1970)
Searchable index for magazine issues and topics
Woman’s Exponent index  (1872-1914)
Searchable index for each issue and topics
Young Woman’s Journal Index  (1889-1929)
Searchable index for magazine issues and topics
Speeches at BYU
Searchable database for BYU speeches (key word “women”)
Studies in Mormon history
Searchable database for articles, books, theses, dissertations on LDS history

Women’s Texts

This section will link to personal texts about LDS women.  We welcome submissions of historic texts and biographies.   Also, see the Women’s Manuscript Collections for women’s texts.

Texts by women– life sketches, oral histories, autobiographical profiles, essays, statements, testimonies, journal entries, letters, and poetry written or dictated by women themselves.

Biographies of women —  life sketches, biographies, or histories of women written by other people.