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University Campus & Class Resources

Universities and colleges in Utah and the U.S. offer class courses or campus resources that deal with the topic of LDS women.

Campus Resources about Mormon Women

These campus resources include research projects, degree programs, majors or minors, and academic conferences that address the topic or needs of women in Mormon culture.

Class Courses about Mormon Women

College courses about Mormonism often include discussion of women. Some classes are entirely focused on Mormon women. Listed below are courses past and present that treat Mormon women. We also collect syllabi for each course.  Share your info about college courses or syllabi here.

Courses that Focus on Mormon Women (past & present)

These courses are focused on the topic of Mormon women, or have a major section devoted to the topic of Mormon women. (Check college catalogues for current course offerings.)

BYU – Women’s Studies

  • “Mormon Women’s History 1830-1980” WS 390R/Hist 390R (1990s ?) Jill Mulvay Derr & Sheree Maxwell Bench

Claremont Graduate School

  • “Mormon Women’s Voices” Claudia L. Bushman  2008
  • “Gendering Mormonism” Patrick Mason (2012)

Harvard University – Women & Religion

  • “Women & Religion in Contemporary America” 2328, Anne D. Braude

Oregon State University

  • “Women and Mormonism” Julie George,  WS 199 (2011)

Univ. of Utah – Gender Studies

  • “Women in Mormon Culture” WmStds 320
    Vella Neil Evans 1980-98,  with Maxine Hanks (1980-1998)

Utah Valley State College – Religious Studies

  • “Anthropology of Mormonism” Anth 360R
  • “Special Topics: LDS in Media and Culture” AMST 300R, COMM 350R

Utah State University – Women’s Studies

Weber State University – Women’s Studies

  • “Women in Mormon Culture” Wm Stds, Becky Johns (1990s)

Courses that Include Mormon Women (past & present)

These college courses on Mormonism include some mention of Mormon women. 
(Check college course catalogues for current class offerings)

Arizona State University – Religious Studies

  • “New Religious Movements in America” REL 394, Doe Daughtrey
  • “Current Issues in Mormonism” REL 394, Doe Daughtrey

Boston University

  • “Women and Religion” CAS RN224

Brown University

  • “Gender, Power, Gods” ReLS 0080 SO1

Brandeis University

  • “American Religious History” AMST 168b

Claremont Graduate University

  • “Introduction to Mormonism” “Approaching Mormonism “Patrick Mason

Columbia University

  • “Religion, Gender, and Violence” RELI W4825

Dartmouth College

  • Religion in the Modern World REL 2
  • Religion in Early America REL 12
  • Religion in Modern America REL 13
  • New Direction in American Religious Thought REL 36
  • American Religion REL 264

Emory University

  • 328. Women, Religion, and Ethnography (WRT)
  • 352R. Gender and Religion

Northwestern University

  • American Religion REL 264

University of Pennsylvania

  • Religions of the West RELS002
  • RELS005 Women and Religion

Princeton University

  • Religion I Colonial Am. & New Nation REL 357
  • Studies in Religion of the Americas: Sexuality and Religion in America REL 505
  • Religion in the Americas REL 523

Rice University

  • Themes in American Religious Thought: US Theologies in Social Context RELI 110

University of Rochester

  • REL 155 Religion in America

Tufts University

  • REL 39 History of Religion in America to the Civil War

University of Illinois– Urbana Champaign

  • RLST Religion & Society in the West


  • DIV 3414: Feminist and Womanist Theological Ethics

University of Virginia

  • Mormonism and American Culture RELC 2215

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Religion and Politics in American History Re St 225

College of William and Mary

  • RELG 345 Religion, Colonialism, and Nationalism in North America