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Contributors and Sponsors:

The Mormon Women’s Studies Resource was created by Connie Lamb, Women’s Studies Librarian, BYU (project management, editing), and Maxine Hanks, Women’s Studies in Religion scholar (principal consultant, research, writing). Additional advice or support came from: Brad Westwood (Chair, L. Tom Perry Special Collections); John M. Murphy (Curator, 20th and 21st Century Western and Mormon Americana); Russ Taylor (Reference Librarian, Special Collections); Claudia L. Bushman (LDS Historian); Jill M. Derr (LDS Historian); Ruth S. Silver (former BYU Instructor); J. Michael Hunter (Mormon Studies Librarian); the Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for LDS History; the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies; Eddy Yujra, Kenny Hunsaker, Jared Walker (web masters, Special Collections); and Jared Havican (web developer, HBLL).