MWSR Mission

Mission of MWSR —
Our mission is to provide publicly accessible information, resources, materials and tools for research about women in Mormon culture and the LDS Church — via our web portal and in-house library.

Mission of L. Tom Perry Special Collections —
Our mission is to preserve information about the lives of LDS Church members and other people in the Mormon, western, and American experience, within one of the finest archives in the western U.S.

Sponsor of MWSR —
MWSR is owned by Harold B. Lee Library at BYU. Any reproduction of our materials should be cited with acknowledgement to the Mormon Women’s Studies Resource at BYU.  MWSR was created by Connie Lamb, Women’s Librarian, BYU, and Maxine Hanks, Women’s Studies specialist.

Preserve Your History

Your Personal Archive —
You can preserve your personal papers, journals and photographs for future generations in our women’s archives. If you donate your papers to BYU, we create a personal collection in your name, governed by your specifications.

Submit your private papers to BYU Special Collections
Donate your personal or family papers to our women’s archive.

Submit suggestions for other LDS women’s collections
Suggest other women who have interesting personal papers.

John Murphy curator, Special Collections, (801) 422-6370
Contact our archivists for questions and guidelines.