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LDS Women’s Papers

BYU preserves women’s original papers, documents and materials — either located within larger collections, or as separate collections in the woman’s own name.
Search women’s papers in  L. Tom Perry Special Collections 
Search women’s papers in Guide to the Women’s Manuscript Collections

LDS Women’s Periodicals

BYU preserves original journals and magazines written and published by LDS women, or containing articles about LDS women. This includes rare complete sets of the Woman’s ExponentYoung Women’s Journal, and Relief Society Magazine — which contain historic writings by LDS women in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Women’s Periodicals

  • Woman’s Exponent (1872-1914) (Vault – M 205.1.w84)
  • Young Woman’s Journal  (1889-1929)  (Periodicals- BX 8605.1 Yo84)
  • Relief Society Magazine (1914-1970)  (Peridoicals – BX 8605.1. R28)
  • Exponent II (1974-present)  (Periodicals oversized – BX 8605.1 .Ex75)
  • Minutes of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo   (1842-1844)   (Typescript in Special Collections reference area-binder;
    Original minute book at LDS Historical Department)

Other LDS Periodicals

  • Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought (1966-present ) (periodicals – BX 8605.1 .D541)
  • Journal of Mormon History  (1974-present)  (Periodical – BX 8601 .J62)
  • Sunstone magazine (1974-present)  (Periodicals – BX 8605.1 .Su74)
  • Utah Historical Quarterly  (1928-present)  (Periodicals – F 821 .U92

In-House Library

MWSR library has books, publications, and printed reference works about LDS women on shelves located in a quiet corner of Special Collections. The reference desk nearby gives access to women’s archival collections.

Bibliographies — hard copy lists of works on LDS women – on shelves
Books — published works about LDS women –  on shelves
Publications — journals, magazines written by LDS women – on shelves

Print Bibliographies
These printed bibliographies are on the shelf in MWSR library:

Bibliography of Social Scientific, Historical, and Popular Writings about Mormon Women
Karen P. Frazier and Kae Sawyer. Provo, UT: Women’s Research Institute; BYU, 1990
BX 8601 .F869bs 1990

Selected Diaries and Autobiographies of Mormon Women in the Special Collections of the Harold B. Lee Libraries of Brigham Young University
Sunny McClellen, compiler, BYU, 1991
BX 8670.07 .M128s 1991

Studies in Mormon History, 1830-1997: an indexed bibliography
James B. Allen, Ronald W. Walker, and David J. Whittaker, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2000
BX 8611 .A54 2000

A Mormon Bibliography, 1830-1930: books, pamphlets, periodicals, and broadsides relating to the first century of Mormonism
Chad J. Flake & Larry W. Draper, editors. Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young Universtiy, 2004
BX 8601 .F599m 2004

Mormon Americana: A Guide to Sources and Collections in the United States
David J. Whittaker, editor.  BYU Studies Quarterly, Brigham Young University 1995