MWSR Features

Women’s contributions to Mormonism emerged in the origins of the faith, and have expanded since, resulting in a rich history and discourse of Mormon women’s experience. Materials about Mormon women span decades, types, and locations, resulting in a massive body of information. These documents are located in libraries and archival collections, as well as in publications and internet resources, scattered across time, cultures and geography.

This voluminous body of work about Mormon women can be challenging to locate or access. The Mormon Women’s Studies Resource seeks to solve this dilemma by virtually bringing resources and work together in one location – through a webpage portal with on-line access to documents, and links to resources. The MWSR maps known work on Mormon women into one central resource.

BYU offers a central location for resources and studies of Mormon women. The Lee Library is the major repository for collections of Mormon women’s papers and documents. Likewise, the Lee Library houses copies of Mormon women’s publications. Also, the major sponsors of studies on Mormon women have been or are located on BYU campus: these include the BYU Women’s Research Institute, Mormon Women’s History Initiative, BYU Women’s Conferences, and the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies.