MWSR Goals

Comprehensive Portal —
MWSR offers a comprehensive resource on LDS women, by linking widespread information and materials into one website portal, that spans many types of documents and libraries.  Our university library is an ideal venue for researching women in Mormon culture.

Central Location —
MWSR offers a central location for research on women in Mormon culture.  BYU library is a major repository of women’s documents and publications, and BYU is a major center for women’s studies and conferences– incl. BYU Women’s Studies program, BYU Women’s Conferences, Women’s Research Institute, Mormon Women’s History Initiative, and Charles Redd Center.

Capture Information —
MWSR preserves info about LDS women as it becomes available.  You can help us grow by sharing work and resources that relate to LDS women.

Help Us Grow

Submit links for MWSR Web page
Share links for resources related to LDS women.
We will add your links to build a more comprehensive website.

Submit data for MWSR Bibliography
Share reference data to articles, books or publications on LDS women.
We will add your data to build a more comprehensive bibliography.

Submit materials for MWSR Library
Share titles and publications about LDS women for our in-house library.
We will add your suggestions or materials to our in-house library.

Submit collections for MWSR Archives
Donate personal papers to our women’s archival collections.
Contact Women’s Studies Librarian Connie Lamb 801-422-6196